District 7 Town Hall Series: City of Pompano Beach

April 29, 2021 | 5:00 PM

The District 7 Town Hall Series kicked off with the City of Pompano Beach on Thursday, April 29, 2021. Updates about the SMART Program projects at each school within the city were provided by the SMART Program Management team. Data and visual content regarding both completed and ongoing renovations was provided in the presentation included below:

Click the link to watch the meeting: https://eduvision.tv/l?emAtLme

What is the status of adding the bus loop at Blanche Ely High School to the renovation scope?2021-05-13T18:04:13-04:00

This item will be brought to the School Board for a decision.

Are there any active leaks?2021-05-13T18:03:52-04:00

Active leaks are being addressed by the PPO to attempt to keep the building dry.  

What is the status of the roofing project at C. Robert Markham Elementary?2021-05-13T18:03:28-04:00

The roofing phasing plan and schedule are being finalized by the contractor. The Project Management Team (PMOR) is working with PPO to prioritize improvements.

What does Construction Closeout mean?2021-05-13T18:03:01-04:00

A project closeout follows the steps below:

  1. Substantial completion: The building department signs off on occupancy of the building.
  1. Final completion: The punch list is complete, all documents have been submitted and the warranty process is started, where applicable.
  1. Financial close out: The District and Capital Budget reconciles the financials, signs off on documents and closes out the purchase order.
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