District 7 Town Hall Series: City of Deerfield Beach

May 12, 2021 | 6:00 PM

The District 7 Town Hall Series kicked off with the City of Deerfield Beach on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Updates about the SMART Program projects at each school within the city were provided by the SMART Program Management team. Data and visual content regarding both completed and ongoing renovations was provided in the presentation included below:

Click the link to watch the meeting: https://eduvision.tv/l?emtReRm

What does the G.O.B. stand for?2021-06-02T13:24:04-04:00

GOB stands for General Obligation Bond, which is the funding voted on by the residents of Broward County to provide $800 Million of critically needed funding to 232 Broward County Public Schools.

Can anything be done change the carpet in the Media Center and the Auditorium at Deerfield Park Elementary?2021-06-02T10:00:25-04:00

PPO is working with EH&S to evaluate the carpet for replacement.

Are we on time for the construction in Building 1?2021-06-02T10:02:53-04:00

PMOR and PPO are working together to resolve the flea issue.

Which building(s) were impacted? Is it the historical building?2021-06-02T10:01:02-04:00

Yes, the historical building was impacted.

What is the status of the flea situation at Deerfield Elementary? What are the steps forward?2021-06-02T09:59:35-04:00

The project was delayed due to the flea concern, but after a completed evaluation by Beach Environmental Exterminating Pest Control, the project is back in progress.

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