District 7 Town Hall Series: City of Margate

April 28, 2021 | 5:00 PM

The District 7 Town Hall Series kicked off with the City of Margate on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Updates about the SMART Program projects at each school within the city were provided by the SMART Program Management team. Data and visual content regarding both completed and ongoing renovations was provided in the presentation included below:

Click the link to watch the meeting: https://eduvision.tv/l?emAtRyR

When is construction at Margate Middle School projected to begin? 2021-05-11T17:19:58-04:00

Q2 2022

Why have some schools used a portion of their School Choice Enhancement Program funding on computing devices, didn’t the Technology initiative provide computers and laptops?2021-05-12T16:26:28-04:00
Some schools have chosen to supplement their technology inventory with additional devices to achieve their ideal student-to-computer ratios and/or supply more teachers with computers.
How will the bathrooms at Margate Middle School be addressed?2021-05-11T17:16:26-04:00

PMOR and PPO are working together to address the immediate needs while the PMOR plans for the implementation of the long-term solution as they explore including the restroom(s) in the scope of work for the renovation project.

When is construction at Margate Middle School projected to be complete?2021-05-11T17:17:14-04:00

Q4 2024

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