From Blueprint to Reality: Celebrating the Completion of the
School Choice Enhancement Program

The SMART Program has achieved a great milestone now that all School Choice Enhancement Program (SCEP) renovations have been finalized. The SCEP Projects consisted of renovation and upgrades chosen by each school and its respective community to improve the condition of instructional spaces and/or educational environments.

Through the SMART Program, each school was provided a budget of $100,000 to spend on their additional improvements. This gave each school community an opportunity to be a part of the overall renovation of the school and giving them a powerful voice in the process. The project manager of each of the schools worked with the School Advisory Council (SAC) to narrow down the renovations options. Once the choices were made, these were presented to the school community for a vote. The options were items like computers, golf carts, ID machines, projectors, indoor and outdoor furniture all the way to sound systems, playgrounds, digital marquee signs, and so much more.

As the SMART Bond Program continues to advance throughout the district, the completion of the SCEP is an pivotal milestone for the bond and the district. Especially as every upgrade was tailored for each school and voted by its community. Now students are enjoying an overall enhanced educational environment thanks to these upgrades. We are excited to see the impact these renovations will have on the lives of the students and community, especially in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!