Lloyd Estates Elementary School Unveils Newly Renovated Media Center

in a grand Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Students, parents, teachers, and community members all gathered on May 11th to celebrate the newly renovated media center for Lloyd Estates Elementary School, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony organized by the SMART communications team. The celebration was especially meaningful for the school since the media center had not been renovated since the school opened in the ‘60s.

It was in that spirit that the renovations featured a unique characteristic. The bookshelves’ original woodwork were preserved during the renovations, paying homage to the old media center.

“It’s so amazing to see all the new paint, the renovated bookshelves from the original woodworking, the new carpet, [and] new furniture. It’s just so bright, and beautiful, and exciting for the kids,” said District 3 Board Member Sarah Leonardi, who attended the event.

Among the notable attendees at the celebration were Mayor Aisha Gordon of the City of Oakland Park, School Board Vice-Chair Debra Hixon, representatives from the Broward Teachers’ Union, Broward Sheriff’s Office, City of Oakland Park commissioners, and various staff members.

Ms. Shawn Allen, Principal of Lloyd Estates, shared her hopes for the renovated media center, stating, “My hopes are that this will become their reading hub. That not only will they come in just to take out books. That they’ll come in, they’ll do some research… [that this becomes] an area they love and feel safe in, and they’ll want to come to in the morning and not just come in when their teacher is assigned to come in. So, we have really big expectations for what’s going to happen out of this space.”

Following the conclusion of the event, Mayor Gordon expressed his enthusiasm for the media center renovations during a conversation with the staff, stating,  “When I walked in here, I was so elated. It is surreal to know that there’s investment being done in our schools… Our students need to be encouraged to read and to research. They are our future leaders. If we don’t invest in them, we’re not investing in our future. So, I’m excited to be here. Thank you so much.”

Lloyd Estates Elementary School is currently in the construction phase for other renovations. These include building envelope improvements, fire alarm and fire sprinkler upgrades, as well as upgrades to their HVAC system, and ADA restroom renovations. These renovations are scheduled to be completed by late 2024.