The Results of Renovating Athletics: The Transformation of Two Broward County Public Schools

Athletics Renovations were completed in 2021 and it improved the athletic facilities of over 30 schools.

Broward County Public Schools is seeing the results that the SMART Bond Program has brought to two high schools in the district, Monarch High School and Deerfield Beach High School. One notable example is Monarch High School, which did not have a track field before the SMART Bond Program installed a new field in 2018. While Deerfield Beach High was one of the 30 high schools to get a fully renovated weight room and currently has the most college scholarships for student-athletes in the district. This is proof that upgrades to schools’ athletic departments are not just about performance on the field, but also off. 

Deerfield Beach High’s renovated weight room means its student-athletes can now compete at a higher level. They can complete and expand on their workout routines without interruptions, and target specific areas they want to improve to perform better on the field. Being an excellent athlete isn’t just about winning a competition or title, it’s also about athletic performance. Students’ athletic performance can result in scholarships so that students continue studying while pursuing an athletic career. 

Building Champions Campaign

Results showcased by Monarch High School and Deerfield Beach High School are the results of the SMART Bond Program’s effort to improve athletic facilities across the district. In total, 15 track fields have been built or renovated, and 30 weight rooms have been updated. The SMART Bond Program has created a campaign called “What SMART Means to Me: Building Champions” which has been created to highlight how these completed upgrades have benefited the schools.

See how BCPS students have become champions, watch the video below. Hear from Students and Coaches from South Broward High School, Monarch High School and Miramar High School as well as see the progress of our other featured schools including Hollywood Hills High School and Stranahan High School.