The SMART Program Renovations Brings Businesses to Broward

Local businesses are helping Broward County Public Schools deliver on its promise of renovating and elevating the educational experience at schools across the district

Since voters approved the bond referendum in 2014, their tax dollars have been improving the infrastructure of schools and changing the educational landscape across Broward County through investments in Safety, Music & Art, Athletics, Renovation and Technology – known as the SMART Bond Program. The SMART Bond Program’s impact extends far beyond the classroom walls, with local businesses, including small and minority-owned companies (E/S/M/WBEs), playing a vital role in the completion of renovations.

Through partnerships with local businesses like Francis Engineering, D. Stephenson Construction, Grace & Naeem, and LEGO Construction, the SMART Bond Program fulfills its goal of renovating and enhancing educational spaces throughout the district. From essential upgrades such as new roofing, HVAC systems, and fire sprinkler enhancements to building renovations and classroom additions, these businesses have been instrumental in making these transformations possible.

Emphasizing the impact of district-wide renovations in 232 Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the “Bringing Business to Broward” theme highlights the profound influence of the SMART Bond Program on the community through the lens of the contractors completing the renovations.

“We won our first project with the SMART Program in 2018. This gave us control of our destiny. We were able to explore a new avenue of work within the education system and empower us to go after large project opportunities.”

Francis Engineering
“We want to improve the education of the kids; we want to work with the district, the community, and small businesses, helping them grow as well.”

Lego Construction Co.
“Is very rewarding to drive down the street and see that we are improving our community.”

Grace & Naeem Uddin, Inc.

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