Margate Elementary School Celebrates
Groundbreaking on New Classroom Building

The Margate Elementary School community recently gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of construction on a new classroom building addition. The ceremony kicked off with welcome messages from Margate ES principal Thomas Schroeder and District 7 School Board Member Nora Rupert, followed by a performance from the school’s chorus and remarks from Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright. In attendance there was also School Board Vice-Chair Debbie Hixon, school staff, SMART Program team members, students, and parents.

“Today we are breaking ground on a brand new 6 classroom addition,” said principal Thomas Schroeder. “We’re very excited to house our Pre-K program and have an addition to our family home here at Margate Elementary.”

The new classroom building will house the school’s Pre-K program with 6 classrooms and a new playground. In addition to the new building, the school has also started construction on new courts for children to play in, new aluminum walkways, and renovations to several buildings on campus.

“It’s not just an exciting day for Margate Elementary but for Margate the city and for Broward County in general,” said Debbie Hixon, School Board Vice-Chair. “It adds to the construction projects we have in action in Broward County Public Schools and moves us forward to the end of the SMART projects.”

Margate ES is joining nearly 200 SMART projects in active construction. This is the highest number of active construction projects in the history of the SMART Program. The SMART Program is currently projected to reach substantial completion by 2025.

Learn more about the renovations coming to Margate ES by visiting the school’s SMART space below.

Margate Elementary School SMART Space

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