2022 SMART Program Year in Review

The SMART Program closed out 2022 with nearly 200 SCEP projects completed and over 61 schools with completed construction. More primary renovation projects moved into construction and fewer primary renovation projects were at risk of additional redesign allowing more projects to move forward. Throughout 2022, the SMART Program team implemented various initiatives and recommended policy revisions to optimize the construction process at schools.

A total of over 68 Specialty Rooms (media centers, music rooms, art rooms and STEM labs) were deemed completed at the end of 2022. Overall 34 media center renovations were completed in 2022, giving students access to upgraded media centers, equipped with new technology, books, supplies and furniture. Media center improvements are a significant scope of the SMART Program consisting of a $20.5 million investment.

Take a tour of several completed media centers by clicking on the boxes below and dragging your mouse to view around the rooms.

Superintendent Authorized to Approve Change Orders

In 2022, the School Board of Broward County approved Policy 8000 which delegated authority to the Superintendent to approve certain change orders above $5,000 and up to $25,000. This policy change helped to avoid delays and speed up the approval process for change orders.

“Before the reset there were about 200 change orders per quarter. Since the reset there have been about 40 per quarter so I think it legitimizes the reset and the widening of the construction schedule, making it easier for staff to manage construction projects,” said Bob Nave, Florida TaxWatch Vice President of Research. “We are also seeing that the fact that there are 46 projects ahead of schedule this quarter so that bears mentioning.”

Wrapping Up the Year with Winter Construction

The SMART Program wrapped up the year with winter construction at around 117 schools. SMART Program construction crews took advantage of school closures during the holiday break to move forward projects and prepare for the new year. Similar to summer construction, winter construction can be a great opportunity to upgrade or expand school facilities without disrupting students and school staff.

In 2023, the SMART Program is looking forward to more schools moving into construction closeout as the Program remains on track for substantial completion by October 2025.

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