South Plantation High School, Sawgrass Springs Middle School, and Indian Trace Elementary School
Started Construction

This month South Plantation High School, Sawgrass Springs Middle School, and Indian Trace Elementary School celebrated the start of new SMART construction projects at School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings. The SAC meetings were led by John Nigro, Deputy Program Director for the SMART Program, who informed community members about the status of SMART projects at their school. The meetings were attended by school staff, school advisory councils, SMART Program team members, district board members, students, and parents.

South Plantation High School

Exciting renovations are coming to South Plantation High School! The SAC meeting highlighted the beginning of construction on the school’s new media center, as well as other renovation projects underway such as STEM lab improvements, ADA restroom updates, building envelope improvements, and fire sprinkler upgrades. In attendance there was South Plantation HS principal Christine Henschel and City of Plantation council members.

Principal Henschel discussed how the new media center will be more student-centered with a college and career readiness room to help students plan for their future. Additionally, the media center will have a teacher planning room where teachers can collaborate and plan their curriculums. The principal also shared with attendees how she works hand in hand with the project manager and contractors to ensure that student learning isn’t impacted.

Learn more about the renovations coming to South Plantation HS by visiting the school’s SMART space below.

Sawgrass Springs Middle School

Sawgrass Springs Middle School’s SAC meeting started with an outstanding musical performance by the school’s band. The meeting commemorated the beginning of several construction projects at the school such as building envelope improvements, HVAC improvements, ADA restroom renovations, fire alarm updates, and fire sprinkler upgrades. Lori Alhadeff, School Board Chair, attended the meeting and spoke to the Sawgrass Springs MS community about the SMART Program.

“I’m really excited to start our SMART bond project here at your school. Let’s get it moving, we’re going to be done by 2025,” said Lori Alhadeff, School Board Chair.

Learn more about the projects occurring at Sawgrass Springs MS by visiting the school’s SMART space below.

Indian Trace Elementary School

Indian Trace Elementary has recently started construction on a $10,611,097 project that will improve the building envelope, fire alarm systems, and provide HVAC upgrades. The meeting was an opportunity for parents and staff to ask questions about the upcoming construction.

The school’s community was happy to learn that construction has begun on the renovations coming to their school. Construction is expected to last until 2025. The school will remain open during the renovations and no student activities will be affected during construction.

Learn more about the renovations coming to Indian Trace ES by visiting the school’s SMART space below.

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