Inside Cooper City Elementary School’s Magical New Learning Hub

Cooper City Elementary School’s Media Center renovations are complete and to commemorate the milestone, local stakeholders joined the school community for a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony. Those in attendance included outgoing Principal Monica Schlosser, incoming Principal Terie Miranda, Board Members Donna Korn and Laurie Rich Levinson, Mayor Greg Ross, Commissioner Howard Meltzer, as well as students and staff.

New furniture fills the newly renovated 2,601 sq. ft. Media Center, including tables, rocking chairs, and swivel chairs. The learning hub, located in Building 1, also includes a fresh paint job, new carpet tile, and shelving.

The new media center is colorful, sensory friendly, and most importantly, quiet so students can fully immerse themselves in the books they’re reading.

“I love the way everything is organized – not only to check out books and enjoy reading, but to collaborate and talk about all the wonderful things that take place in a book, and to make that connection to their real world, because that’s really what’s going to help our students develop a passion for reading.” says Principal Miranda.

Now that Media Center renovations are complete, focus has been shifted towards completion of the school’s other enhancements. Fire alarm system improvements and Building 85 roofing repairs remain ongoing, with the latter scheduled to be completed this fall. For more on this school, click here.