Enhancing Education through School Choice

Given the choice, how would you improve your local public school? This is the question posed by the School Choice Enhancement Program (SCEP) that gives community members the opportunity to weigh in on what enhancement projects their local school needs. The program provides $100,000 directly to each school in the district for items that will improve the condition of instructional spaces and/or educational environments. SCEP renovations are conducted as part of the SMART program.

170 Schools Enhanced So Far

Currently, 170 Broward County public schools have completed SCEP capital-related projects. The schools selected items valued at $100,000 or less to address their unfunded needs. Items selected had to be “capital eligible,” which means the improvements had to be made to the physical building and/or instructional environments.

Popular choices for SCEP items at the schools were:






School Choice

SCEP projects are chosen by the principal of each school in collaboration with the School Advisory Council (SAC), school staff, and the school community through voting. Voters include parents/guardians (one ballot for each student), and registered volunteers. The SCEP voting process consists of paper and/or electronic ballots listing a group of capital eligible items totaling $100,000 for voters to choose from. This voting process is a vital component of the program because it gives the community a choice over their school’s future.

SCEP’s goal is to provide all Broward County public schools with the tools needed to create a better educational environment for their students. You can learn more about the items delivered to your school by visiting your school’s page here on the SMART website. For further questions regarding your specific school’s choice, please contact your school’s principal or email us at SMARTFutures@BrowardSchools.com.