Northeast High School Reveals its Completed Weight Room

Northeast High School celebrated the opening of its highly anticipated weight room on Tuesday, August 3. The event was attended by Principal Anthony Valachovic, Former Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert W. Runcie, Interim Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie L. Cartwright, District 3 Broward Schools Board Member Sarah Leonardi, and Broward Schools Director of Athletics & Student Activities Shawn Cerra.

The weight room, heavily branded with the Northeast logo, is 4,664 sq.ft. and is large enough to accommodate 60 people at a time. Some of the main features include conditioning machines such as power platforms where athletes perform flat and incline bench presses, push presses, land mines, hang cleans, dead lifts and squats. The room also has weightlifting machines for lateral pull downs, leg curl and leg extensions, neck, biceps/ triceps, as well as a power leg press, body bars, ropes and box jumps.

Check out what Athletic Director, Andrea Millie, had to say about Northeast High School renovated weight room

A custom built rig nicknamed, “The Eyewall” is located in the adjoining 704 sq.ft cardio room. The attached room also houses treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines, bicycles and an inversion table. The cardio room is also equipped with stations for strength training, including monkey bars, chin up bars, leg curl and ab machines, jumpers, tension bands, a punching bag, basketball target plates, medicine balls and slam balls from 10-50 pounds.