Ever wonder what some of the improvements listed as part of your school’s Primary Renovations mean? For example, what is a building’s envelope? How is a fire sprinkler system upgraded? Why is getting a new HVAC unit so important? Well, that’s what THE SCIENCE OF SMART is for – to give you a better understanding of what it all means. Featured here are some of the most common items listed as part of a school’s scope of work — along with how they operate and why we should care.

Improvements to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – also known as HVAC – are some of the most widespread enhancements being made to campuses district-wide. This upgrade is sometimes accomplished with the replacement of a chiller, a large air conditioning unit that turns hot air into cool air, and one of the many elements of HVAC. Chillers collect unwanted heat from around the building and bring it back to the evaporator to be cooled down. Refrigerant gas is then used to move the heat into the condenser, which then sends it into the atmosphere, cooling down the entire campus.