Renovated Media Center Brings Big Dreams to North Lauderdale Elementary

On March 29 North Lauderdale Elementary School celebrated the ribbon-cutting of their fully renovated media center. Event attendees included North Lauderdale Elementary staff, District 4 Board Member and Chair Lori Alhadeff, among others. Also in attendance was Steven Meza, who is the Legislative Aid for North Lauderdale Mayor Samson Borgelin. 

The renovated space include vibrant furniture that is inviting and light enough for students to move as easily as possible. So, whether students want to read a book on their own or collaborate with their classmates, they can do so comfortably. Safari murals painted by a local artist now fills the room with quotes encouraging students to learn, read, and discover more about themselves. The space has also been equipped with a Promethean board and recordex, making it an excellent place for distance learning, something available to all students. 

During the ceremony, Ms. Margaret Thompson, the school’s media clerk, expressed her excitement about the renovated media center, saying, “I’m about to cry. This has been a long time coming for this school. Just to have books on the shelf, to see the mural. It’s so bright, and everything is so beautiful. I hear from everybody that it is very inviting, comfortable, and they love it.”  

The media center renovations included upgraded LED lighting, new carpet, shelving, furniture, and interior paint upgrade, and door additions. However, this is only a portion of the renovations allocated to North Lauderdale Elementary under the SMART Bond Program. The school will also undergo improvements to its building envelope and HVAC system, ADA restroom upgrades, as well as updated fire alarms and sprinkler system.  

North Lauderdale Principal, Nichele Williams, said, “It literally brings tears to my eyes to know that taxpayers felt it necessary to improve the schools around us. We want to make sure that what we do for kids is the best. The SMART Bond program has been one of the best things in our building… This again means so much because it allows students to become better… [and] we are able to do that with something as simple as improving a library in a public school.” 

Renovations at North Lauderdale Elementary are scheduled to be completed by early 2024.