Celebrating a Milestone: Apollo Middle School’s Renovated Media Center

On September 26, 2023, Apollo Middle School witnessed a momentous event as it celebrated the grand opening of its renovated Media Center. The occasion wasn’t just a cause for excitement among the school’s staff and students, but also drew the presence of esteemed guests, including District 1 Board Member Daniel Foganholi, Superintendent Dr. Peter Licata, City of Hollywood Commissioner Kevin Beiderman, representatives from the Broward Teachers Union, and more. The Media Center, the first phase of a $12 million renovation project, promises to be a vital asset for the school and its students, as it demonstrates the dedication of the school and its partners to provide students with a modern and comfortable learning environment.

“This is exactly what the taxpayers pay taxes for—to see differences in our schools, to see us renovating, and see things come to fruition,” Foganholi said. “We’re excited! It’s been an awesome event, and our kids are going to love this space!

The heart of this renovation project lies in the rejuvenation of the Media Center, a space that plays a pivotal role in supporting Apollo Middle School’s media and TV production class. The transformation comprised the installation of new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and updated tiling. What set this project apart was the active involvement of the students in shaping the space. “We got to choose the flooring for the design and the color of the walls,” divulged student Jenise Narcisse, adding that the student body was consistently encouraged to voice their opinions regarding the Media Center’s design. The students’ input ensured that the Media Center not only met functional needs, but also reflected the vibrant and creative spirit of the school’s young talents.

Even though it only just opened, the renovated Media Center is already promising a bright future for the school. “Even today, what I’m hearing my students say [is] that this is a class they want to take. They want to come to the Media Center,” explained Apollo Middle School Principal Dr. Luis Kushner. “In years past, they didn’t really see value in the Media Center because it may have looked outdated. Now they can come here and use the…3D printer, for example. That, to me, is huge!”

This project marks a significant milestone in Apollo Middle School’s journey towards enhancing its educational facilities and nurturing the potential of its students. “This is what every school should look like,” said Licata. “It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, it’s primed for young men and women to come in here and learn.”