In Weston, two new buildings are rising side by side on the neighboring campuses of Cypress Bay High School and Falcon Cove Middle School.

As the only high school in a city that has grown exponentially over the years, Cypress Bay High School’s student population has exceeded its capacity. Portable classrooms began appearing on campus to make room for the additional students until a more permanent solution was established. As could be expected, a similar situation was taking place next door at Falcon Cove Middle School. Like its neighbor, Falcon Cove relied on portables to accommodate its growing student body. However, due to both schools being in close proximity to the Everglades, flooding in the portable classrooms became a serious concern.

Ultimately, making the most out of SMART Program funding, a plan was put in place to develop two new buildings: a 64-classroom addition at Cypress Bay, and a 48-classroom addition at Falcon Cove.

The construction of both buildings received a Notice to Proceed (NTP) in June 2019, giving contractors permission to mobilize on the adjacent campuses and begin work.

Time-lapse cameras are covering the progress and recording thousands of images daily, so make sure to look out for more time-lapse updates as work proceeds. Click the videos below to see two months of work in seven seconds at both project sites.

Cypress Bay and Falcon Cove’s new buildings are both expected to be ready for students in 2021.